Owner and General Manager

Mohammed Raheem Ghazi Al-Ghanim
Mohammed Raheem Ghazi Al-Ghanim

The Owner of the LLC is Mohammed Raheem Ghazi Al-Ghanim. His mother tongue is Arabic, but he speaks excellent English.

His is the Owner and the Managing Director at the same time in several enterprises

  • Kutob Al-najaf co.
  • Al-Sunober currency exchange
  • Rooh Al-Fareeq for Training, Conferences & Fair Organizing Co. LTD.
  • Turkish Eswa Co. for Constructions & Trade
  • ASSMA United Al-Maghribivah for General Trades

His aim is to build up a kind of parthership between Europe and Iraq.
Main score is the electric energy using is growing all over the world and this tendency is typical in Iraq also that is why it is proven to be a very good business investment. In Iraq the sunny hours rate is pretty much high, so using solar energy is the much more obvious solution.

The Managing Director has widespread business partnership in his home country, which he wants to make more widespread by making business in Europe.

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